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I work at the intersection of storytelling, complex project management and public-private-social sector collaboration to advance institutional goals. It's marketing for impact.

I am a big-idea thinker, and get excited about organizing the strategy, details, partnerships and content that bring those ideas to life.

After years as a foreign correspondent, economics journalist and corporate communications professional, leaders rely on me to make things happen on-time and on-budget around the world.




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After several years of reporting in print, on camera and on social media for The Wall Street Journal, among other outlets, and authoring End of The Good Life, about the impact of the Great Recession on Millennials and the policies that can forge a more sustainable future, I decided to work closer with business and policymakers on the topics that matter to me. I began by organizing the content and execution of high-level events for The Economist, and then became Vice President of Communications at Citi Community Development and Citi Inclusive Finance. I received the honors of Writer-in-Residence at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was named a Margolin Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Denver.


My varied background means I can:

– Create a strong narrative with actionable insights for a target audience
– Strategize short and long-range, detail-oriented communications plans that draw upon creative tactics, analytical problem-solving and connective thinking
– Design content strategy for an array of tactics – i.e. web marketing, newspaper editorials, TV spots, campaign launches, photo essays, etc.
– Produce moving micro-documentaries and brand-driven commercials alike
– Manage crises and make decisions in high-pressure situations with consideration of the big-picture goals
– Deliver a speech, as well as write talking points for senior executives that elevate a corporate message
– Enable teams and leaders to clarify corporate objectives and identify relevant audiences
– Build consensus and steer multiple external and internal stakeholders
– Synthesize large amounts of information from diverse sources
– Catch language and grammatical inconsistencies as a skilled copyeditor and editor


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I develop content that strengthens and reinforces a brand’s identity, as well as craft strategy that can redefine or evolve that identity, by assessing the mission of a brand and its strengths, identifying the appropriate content channels, audiences and tactics, creating a plan to amplify those strengths, and executing on the deliverables. Throughout the process, my goal is to maintain an authentic voice and tell a strong story that resonates with that defined audience. From the design of collateral to the editing of social media posts, I look for consistency, brand distinctiveness and opportunities for building scale.


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Creating strategy means doing the research, understanding the context, designing a plan, measuring results, and making decisions. I also evaluate existing plans to identify the opportunities and gaps in order to:
– Brainstorm new ideas, as well as propose fresh angles that expand existing work
– Develop signature content and brand authenticity
– Manage reputational risk from legal, regulatory and public relations challenges
– Find new partnerships and communication channels
– Craft stronger messaging and theories of change
– Position a program ahead of the competition


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Strong partnerships with third-party validators, colleagues across business units, corporate leadership and others are always the backbone to successful communications and program efforts. I am experienced at developing, maintaining and leveraging these relationships, spanning public officials, nonprofit leaders, academics and business executives – first, as a journalist cultivating sources for news stories, and then, as a communications professional building senior buy-in and consensus around campaigns and strategy. I am also experienced at managing and mentoring a cadre of vendors and junior staff while juggling multiple projects.


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On-the-ground investigation in unfamiliar settings around the world, developing senior sources, data analysis, interviews, deep Web searches, and audience surveys are some of the research strategies I have undertaken to produce content and communications strategies.


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My work has always taken a global view. At The Wall Street Journal, I covered global financial markets, and then focused on emerging economies from Latin America to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. I relocated to Brussels, Belgium to report on European economic and political news. I’ve also reported from Russia and the Czech Republic.
My book, End of The Good Life, published by Harper Collins, takes a global view on the impact of the last financial crisis on Millennials, evaluating the outlook for Generation Y in Brazil, China, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, the U.K and U.S.
I’ve also focused on communications strategy and campaigns for microfinance and inclusive finance programs across the developing world and in Europe.


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Through my background in reporting and strategy development, I have established a content expertise in: impact investing; financial inclusion; urban economic policy; financial regulation and markets; European and emerging market economics; U.S. economy and policy, particularly in a global context; Generation Y economic, social and political issues; personal finance; as well as monetary policy.


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I’ve worked with private and public-sector leaders to design program, policy and communications strategy for corporate social responsibility and financial inclusion programs across a range of industries, including finance, health care and higher education. For example, I contributed to the design of The Rockefeller Foundation Visionaries Unbound conferences at the Bellagio Center in Italy, and led the campaign launch for Cities for Citizenship. My approach is always to find how various initiatives align with the business – both for the sustainability of the company’s growth and the community effort.